LBQ women and drugs: Passing the dish around

LBQ women and drugs: Passing the dish around

Content warning: this information discusses drug usage.


t’s generally recognized that drug-use in LGBTIQ+ communities is large. In addition takes place a large number of the drugs we just take are recreational, and unlawful.

This does not appear to be deterring queer communities, who consume ecstasy alone at a
price very nearly 6 occasions compared to the overall populace
. Just what illicit nature of medications


influence, however, is accessibility information about just how to get drugs, how to fall, and how to reduce prospective dangers related to that behaviour. This will be specifically essential to those who happen to ben’t the specific targets of communications around medicine use.

Lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ) women can be hardly ever among the certain demographics targeted by drug-related public health promotions, and all of our drug-taking behaviors are not talked about nearly everything other individuals within our communities. This invisibility indicates we are less inclined to identify the challenges associated with the medication usage, also to access information about ideas on how to deal with all of them.

A lot of narratives around drug-use into the LGBTIQ area tend to place around world of gay guys, but based on information from
2018 Sydney ladies’ and Sexual wellness research (SWASH)
, 47per cent of LBQ ladies had used an illicit material within the last six months – a figure that is just as much as three times the speed of non-LBQ ladies, in line with the nationwide Drug Strategy domestic research [NDSHS] drawn in 2016.

The biggest difference between all of our drug-use which of homosexual guys would be that with regards to queer females and trans and non-binary people,

no-one’s speaing frankly about it



erhaps do not talk a lot about LBQ ladies drug-use because we grab drugs in manners that change from popular narratives. On a recent Wednesday night, like, I found myself with pals at a pub in Sydney’s internal western as soon as we made the decision attain a bag of cocaine and mind house.

After meeting the provider, we sat in my own buddy’s courtyard with vodka carbonated drinks and passed around a cozy dish. Being at home meant we didn’t have to-be delicate about our very own drug-taking, we did not have to bother with the club completion, and now we could smoke cigarettes all we liked – plus, we’d no money remaining because we chose to invest all of it regarding the bag.

That evening we stayed up to 5am chatting, typically on how much we appreciated one another, if in case i am entirely truthful, feeling one another’s muscles for a large part of the evening (my friend has excellent biceps).

With hefty policing, licensing limits, and increasing ingesting costs, it’s not unexpected that the majority of drug-taking is happening in your home. Last Mardi Gras, my pals and I in the pipeline a property celebration to prevent the expense of the state functions, and also the risk of obtaining caught with medicines. Being at residence meant we’d power over the music, we could have several costume outfit changes, additionally the plate remained available, ready for all of us for a bump between Cher tracks.

In line with the 2018 SWASH data, 22% of females making use of cocaine did it yourself, while 60% did it at a friend’s house or exclusive celebration. As a community, we need to develop our comprehension of the contexts of drug-taking so that you can represent all the techniques illicit substances tend to be eaten.


t was the very long weekend, there’s always a good party from the very long week-end. We had been having a couple of drinks at a buddy’s destination before heading to Oxford St, where our friends was DJing.

As some one booked an Uber, another companion requested, “are you presently falling today, or later?”

I dislike carrying medicines. I’m afraid of getting caught. The good news is i am a lightweight, so I’d only need one your evening.

“I’ll fall in the same manner the Uber arrives, very hopefully it begins to strike right after we arrive.”

It’d already been some time since I’d had MDMA. I’d moved onto cocaine because the medicine of choice, because that’s what the men and women around myself recommended, but We nevertheless loved good party (and a pash) with a cap.

We began to feel a little buzzy from inside the Uber. Within the range, i obtained my ID out and applied a sober face.

In, we went over to say hi to the partner after which danced raucously near the period. We went into another pal and began to feel totally tingly. I could feel my personal face pulling expressions I didn’t imply to.

We considered my good friend. We made completely for quite, and I also let the emotions clean over me. I wasn’t being attentive to the songs, but I understood it had been suitable to boogie in my friend’s hands, milling on her leg. At one point a photographer came over and that I recalled to get my personal face into line.

I would most likely been at celebration for all of 45 mins before I started to really peak. We pulled on my face, feeling the sensation of my fingers tugging the skin under my sight downward.

Another pal noticed everything I was actually performing and took my personal arm. “seriously, let’s go have a minute.”

She brought myself in to the bathroom in which it actually was quiet nevertheless. The woman ex is at the front associated with the line – these people weren’t actually on good conditions.

“Can she go in top of you?” my good friend requested the girl ex. “She’s feeling quite out of it.”

We went inside cubicle. I did not need to provide, and so I sat on to the ground for somewhat, concentrating on breathing.

After a few deep breaths, and most likely about a moment of resting into the peaceful, we arrived on the scene associated with cubicle, splashed some h2o on my face, and took my pal out of the shameful small-talk along with her ex.

“Sorry,” we mumbled.

“Why don’t we get some h2o. You owe me personally to make me personally keep in touch with the lady.”


his is actually my story, but it’s a pretty usual one. After all, creating away with one buddy, after that making your own other spouse speak to her ex whilst you stare in the restroom ceramic tiles is pretty peak queer Sydney.

Whilst SWASH data demonstrates that we love to complete cocaine (and cannabis) home, we are still more likely to get supplements at functions. On the LBQ ladies who use euphoria, 72per cent exercise at community functions, and 33per cent at private parties.

Together with the hysteria around medications and songs celebrations occurring in NSW right now, i am well aware this example could’ve already been a whole lot even worse for my situation. But because my buddy and I had been familiar with
damage decrease strategies around MDMA
, I was good.

Harm-reduction basically indicates acknowledging that some individuals in the community are likely to just take illegal compounds, and finding out strategies to assist these individuals do it properly. It is more about minimising the potential for one thing to go awry, and avoiding unneeded fatalities.

Amid media research around music festivals and chemsex, high rates of drug utilize among LBQ women provides dropped by the wayside. Our exclusion from these narratives have major ramifications.

Because we aren’t a part of these talks, it is challenging start all of them. Because all of our routines are not represented in injury reduction communications (where’s the strategy with all the comfortable dish inside courtyard while lesbians tend to be holding both’s biceps?!) it is more challenging to acknowledge that there exists probably problems with the way we consume illegal substances.

We need to feature LBQ women in discussions about medicine having, because if 47per cent of us have taken medicines not too long ago, 100percent of us needs to be talking about that. Acknowledging exactly how we do it may be the starting point. And comprehending the depth of exactly what this means – MDMA inside the nightclub, cocaine in bedroom, cannabis from inside the backyard – is paramount to symbolizing the assortment in our neighborhood’s experience and way of medication receiving.

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