Classic Asian Courtship Practices

Classic Asian Courtship Practices

As much as we plan to think of ourself as more empowered and open-minded to be a society, the truth is the fact there are many cultures that still follow several traditions and values. The kind of culture is definitely China wherever Filial piety is definitely a important value that is applied and trained. This means that when ever dating a Chinese person, it is important to bear in mind that you will probably end up marrying them at some point.

This can be largely because of the cultural tradition called “xiao” where single sons are required to look for wives that will care for their very own parents because they age (Ho 1996). In the past, this kind of placed significant pressure upon those who were single or who desired to get married, as they would need to settle with the parents above the identity and selection of a better half.

The first step in this process is definitely the See what’s new betrothal letter, or pin shu, which can be written by the groom to his future bride’s family. This can be a formal technique of expressing his intent to marry her although an official mark of engagement.

The next step is the marriage ceremony. This is usually a grand affair that involves firecrackers, loud gongs, and plats to pleasant the groom’s party and ward off evil spirits. When the groom happens, he will be welcomed by simply an entourage of dancers, musicians, and a breaking a leg lion. The wedding bed is generally dressed in fresh red color beddings and cushions and stuffed with a blend of longans, persimmons, and crimson dates, which usually are believed to promote fertility and extended life.

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